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Three Steps to Listening

ages 4-6

Activity Detail

When my daughter was having trouble listening and following directions in school, her teacher suggested that I give her three-step tasks to complete. These help her to focus her listening and her memory. So instead of just asking her to get dressed for school, I ask her to brush her teeth, put on her shoes, and stand by the back door. She's become a much better listener and has improved her ability to follow through on a list of things to do.


bonniewehmann said:

This isn't an activity to do with a child as much as a parenting tip.

- Posted on Nov 25, 2007

Leanne said:

Too many steps for some kids- they cannot multi-task!

- Posted on Nov 28, 2007

cbejzak said:

Another way to reinforce multi-step tasks is to write them down and post them. My son loves to check the list and see what is next to get ready for bed.

- Posted on Dec 2, 2007

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