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Dot-to-Dot Writing

ages 3-6

Activity Detail

The first word that each child usually learns to write is his or her name. If your child has a long name, like mine does, that can be a daunting task. Help to make those long (and short) names easier to practice writing by creating dot-to-dot letters for the name. Then your child can trace through the dots to practice the letters. At the end, your child will have a copy of her name that she wrote herself. Her pride (and yours!) at her accomplishment will be palpable. (Bonus note: This trick is especially useful when writing Thank You Notes. It's an easy way to get your child involved in the process.)


Maria said:

I like the idea but this assumes that the child can recognize their numbers and know how to connect them in order.

- Posted on Nov 26, 2007

Yael said:

This is a great idea and is something, my son has enjoyed doing. We actually originally heard about this activity from a former teacher who used it in her classrooms. I really like the twist, though of connecting the dots to create thank you notes, which would work great for b-day party gifts.

- Posted on Dec 28, 2007

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