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Duck Duck Goose

ages 3-6

Activity Detail

An oldie but a goodie! Have a group of children (4 or more) sit in a circle. Pick one (or you can do it) walk around the outside of the children naming each one "duck" and lightly tapping each one on the head. When the child is ready to end his or her turn, he or she should name a child "goose!" Then both children have to run around the circle. The first one back to the spot gets to sit down and the one left standing gets to name the kids. This is a great way to help kids practice sitting still and waiting their turn.


bonniewehmann said:

Not sure why when she used the word "the" it came out this way th+C17e but it needs to be fixed. Also, as much fun as this game is it's not something people would be glad they came to Savvy for since almost everyone knows it. I think we're running out of new ideas and getting desperate to do the minimum of 10 activities a month.

- Posted on Nov 25, 2007

Leanne said:

Great fun!

- Posted on Nov 28, 2007

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