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Popsicle Painting

ages 1-6


Popsicles in a variety of colors and white paper.

Activity Detail

Paint pictures on white paper using different colors of popsicles. You can use this activity to illustrate the concept of melting ice turning into water.


amyanddaniel said:

My son loves painting, so this activity will be a fun and new way to try this summer!

- Posted on Jun 5, 2007

bethmason_us said:

This would work well outside on a hot summer day!

- Posted on Jun 6, 2007

beancuso said:

A cheaper and less sticky version of this activity would be to freeze diluted tempera paint in ice cube trays, cover with foil and put in popsicle sticks for your own version of popsicle painting. You can also create watercolors with water and food coloring and freeze in the same manner.

- Posted on Aug 1, 2007

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