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Row, Row, Row Your Boat with Your Baby

ages 0-2

Activity Detail

This activity is for a baby the age of about 4-5 months. Sit on the floor with your legs spread apart and sit your baby facing you propped up with a pillow or cushion. Grasp his hands and pull his arms very gently so that he leans toward you while you lean back slightly, then change direction so that you lean forward and he leans back. Sing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" so you are both moving forward and back in time to each key word. As your baby gets used to this game, you can lean farther and farther forward and back.


Leanne said:

Great idea!

- Posted on Nov 28, 2007

jennifersweckard said:

It is also good for young babies to have their arms and legs moved up and down and in opposite directions. Perhaps other popular baby songs could be performed with other types of body movements.

- Posted on Nov 30, 2007

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