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Name that Instrument

ages 3-6


Variety of music

Activity Detail

This activity works well with children who are familiar with different types of instruments that are played in symphonies and orchestras. You can either choose a classical piece or other songs where instruments are heard. As you play the songs, ask your child what instruments he hears. If he is having trouble identifying them, ask "Do you hear the drum?" This exercise may take time and practice but it will sharpen their listening skills.


Yael said:

I imagine this works best for parents with a music background who want to foster that interest in their kids. Most people do not have all sorts of instruments lying around their house unless a strong interest is already there. Assuming you have the instruments though, this is a nice way to introduce your child to various instruments, or to foster knowledge that exists already.

- Posted on Dec 28, 2007

beancuso said:

There are many great websites out there for budding music lovers where they can listen to the sounds of diffferent instruments. My kids know how to identify more instuments than I do!

- Posted on Dec 31, 2007

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