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Cardboard Kazoo

ages 5-6


Toilet paper tube, piece of wax paper, rubber band

Activity Detail

Get an empty toilet paper tube and a piece of wax paper big enough to completely cover the end of the toilet paper roll. Secure the wax paper tightly onto one end of the toilet paper roll with a rubber band. With a nail or pen, poke a small hole in the cardboard tube near the end covered with wax paper. To play the kazoo, hold the uncovered end of the tube to your mouth and hum into it.


beancuso said:

Simple, fun, and one of the quietest insturments you could have around the house.

- Posted on Nov 18, 2007

tlafontaine2 said:

You can also decorate the instrument with stickers and such.

- Posted on Nov 27, 2007

kris said:

This brings back happy childhood memories -- don't forget to join in the fun with your kids!

- Posted on Dec 31, 2007

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