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Sandpaper Prints

ages 3-6


Sandpaper, crayons, newspaper, ironing board, iron, plain paper

Activity Detail

**Please note: A portion of this activity requires the use of an iron. Only adults should handle a hot iron, and children should be supervised and kept away from the iron at all times. Using crayons, have your child draw pictures directly onto sandpaper. Be sure to have your child press the crayons firmly into the sandpaper. For best results, encourage your child to use vivid colors. Place newspaper on the ironing board. Place the sandpaper on the newspaper face up, and cover with a plain sheet of paper. Iron the plain sheet of paper until the crayon on the sandpaper has melted onto the white sheet. This "homemade" image transfer can also be applied to one of daddy's old white t-shirts; then your child will have a work of art she can wear to bed!


Leanne said:

Great project!

- Posted on Nov 28, 2007

jennifersweckard said:

What a fun idea! I love that it works on a t-shirt.

- Posted on Nov 30, 2007

julieraces said:

Be sure to help your child write letters backwards if using words in the design!

- Posted on Dec 29, 2007

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