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Feelings Journal

ages 2-6


Pen, pencil, crayons, markers, spiral bound notebook or journal

Activity Detail

Sometimes kids have a really difficult time dealing with strong feelings, and those feelings can come out directed at mom, dad or siblings in a negative way. Try to channel and understand those trying times by keeping a "Feelings Journal." When your child comes home from school or soccer practice, you can write down any frustrations they might have had. You can write for them, and they can illustrate. Even younger children can choose the color you use to write or draw with, which can indicate their mood. Sometimes just getting those feelings down on paper can help defuse the situation. Try to journal positive feelings as well!


tlafontaine2 said:

This is a great idea to help kids express their feelings. They can draw a picture of the feeling they're experiencing, too.

- Posted on Nov 26, 2007

Yael said:

I like this idea in theory since if it's done consistently it could teach kids the value of keeping a journal as they get older. I'm not sure how it would work for a 2-3 year old, but it could be helpful for teaching 4-6 year olds how to cope with their feelings.

- Posted on Dec 26, 2007

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