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Mr. and Mrs. Chin

ages 4-6

Activity Detail

This is a hilarious and very wacky activity to do with older children. Paint a simple upside-down face on your child's chin using makeup, body paint, or anything washable. The eyes should be at the bottom of your child's chin, with the nose above (between the eyes and your child's mouth). No need to draw a mouth - your child's real mouth works perfectly - but do add eyebrows or mustaches if you like. Next, have your child lie upside down on the sofa so their head hangs down off the cushion and their chin points to the ceiling. Cover their nose and eyes with a cloth and let them start talking. You'll laugh hysterically as the face on their chin goes through its motions. Take turns making crazy faces!


margreg said:

Sounds funny! I don't know if I would want a painted face on my couch, but would be a funny "show" for the family!

- Posted on Mar 25, 2008

beancuso said:

Don't forget the camera and video opportunity in this one! Name your characters and put on a mini production!

- Posted on Jun 1, 2008

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