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Chickens, Foxes, and Snakes

ages 3-6

Activity Detail

This is a fun version of tag to be played with a group of children - at least 4 is best. Divide the players into 3 groups: chicken, foxes, and snakes. Explain that chickens eat snakes, foxes eat chickens, and snakes eat foxes. Then count to 3 and let everybody run around chasing after their prey while trying to stay clear of their predators! If a player is caught, then they join their predators group. At the end of the game, the group with the most players wins.


Brookyn said:

Tag is a universal favorite for kids and my son and his classmates certainly love it. This is a fun variation and would make a great game for a birthday party in the park.

- Posted on Aug 4, 2008

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