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Make a list

ages 3-6


paper pencil magazines if desired

Activity Detail

In our house, this activity started with all those Christmas and birthday wish lists my sons like to keep. Help your child make a list of anything that interests her: friends, favorite animals, most delicious ice cream flavors, songs, likes, dislikes. Decorate the list with drawings or magazine pictures. Tie the pages together to create a book - your child will enjoy watching how her tastes and ideas change over time!


Brookyn said:

My son went through a whole big phase of wanting to write out his own grocery lists so this activity is a good one for any child who enjoys list-making. Definitely a nice rainy day activity. t's indicated for ages 3-4 though, and I think that age 3 could be a bit young for the whole concept.

- Posted on Aug 4, 2008

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