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What are they thinking?

ages 3-6



Activity Detail

Look through magazines or books for interesting or funny pictures. Ones with people and/or animals in action work best. Take turns with your child making up what the figures in the pictures are saying to one another. Cut out the pictures and paste them in a book. Use your imagination to create a funny or zany story.


Amy said:

This activity (without the cutting part) can help pass the time while waiting in a doctor's office or other waiting room with your child.

- Posted on Feb 26, 2008

Brookyn said:

This activity is great for sparking conversation about emotions and thoughts, and also for teaching your kids how to express themselves. My own son had difficulties in articulating what he was thinking, and when he started kindergarten, his teacher suggested that after we read a book together, that we follow it up with questions about the story such as what was it about, who was your favorite character and why, etc. etc.

- Posted on Aug 4, 2008

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