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Create your own Superhero

ages 3-6


imagination pencils, markers, paper

Activity Detail

Is your little one a fan of Batman, Superman or any other Superfriend? Add some individuality by helping your child create her own superhero. What would her name and super power be? How would her costume look? Draw a picture of your child's superhero, or help your child write a story.


Amy said:

What a fun idea! My daughter wanted to pretend to be her superhero, too.

- Posted on May 2, 2008

jennifersweckard said:

You could also make up a symbol that the superhero would wear. Using felt and glue, create the symbol and glue it to a piece of fabric, making your child's own superhero cape.

- Posted on May 31, 2008

my child loves to be plasma girl i baught her a costume

- Posted on Sep 21, 2008

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