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Backyard "Drive In" Movie Theatre

ages 4-6


Electrical source, TV with DVD player or projector, snacks, white sheet or light colored wall to act as "screen" if using a projector

Activity Detail

One evening, set up a "Backyard Theater." Either bring the TV outdoors or use a projector to project your movie onto a sheet or light colored wall. Make it a special event: set up blankets or lawn chairs and create a picnic atmosphere. Let your children pick out the movie, or introduce them to a fun family classic. Don't forget to pop popcorn and to take photos. This is a fun activity that your children will talk about for years to come!


leightx said:

If you have any child-sized toy cars in the backyard, your child can even make it a "drive-in" movie!

- Posted on Oct 31, 2007

beancuso said:

We did this during the summer we weren't brave enough to do any "real" camping. We pitched a tent, watched our movie outside and slept out in the back yard!

- Posted on Nov 1, 2007

tlafontaine2 said:

A fun variation of this is "backyard camping" where the kids can camp out in sleeping bags and tents and roast marshmallows.

- Posted on Nov 1, 2007

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