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Flashlight Fun

ages 3-6


Flashlights. Having two is probably best, but you can alternate using just one.

Activity Detail

Dim the lights so that the beam of a flashlight is visible. If your child is older, you can offer him a flashlight and take turns playing "tag" with the spotlight. You can make hand puppets, or experiment with the shadows created by placing different objects in front of the beam. With children just learning to speak, you can shine the beam onto different objects and ask, "Is that a clock?" or "Is that a kitty?" Use your imagination to create your own flashlight game!


amyfauss said:

I have done this at night with my child when we take our "flashlight walks". It's especially nice now with the cooler weather, and it's always a treat to see the moon and stars together.

- Posted on Oct 30, 2007

Kakki said:

This can be fun outdoors at night, too. Shine your light on trees, rocks, and especially and critters you can find. Your backyard can turn into a very different place under cover of the dark!

- Posted on Oct 30, 2007

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