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All-Season Snowman

ages 2-4


Boxes, paper, scissors, markers, glue, and anything in your pantry!

Activity Detail

Make an indoor snowman any time of year using stackable boxes and household items for clothes and eyes, nose and mouth! Use your preschooler's creativity, but some suggestions are vanilla wafers for eyes, raisins for mouth, and a cracker for a nose.


cbejzak said:

You could substitute the snowman idea with an animal or person.

- Posted on Oct 31, 2007

beancuso said:

This is a great, open-ended activity. Our boxes ended up being transformed into a robot covered in aluminun foil!

- Posted on Nov 1, 2007

becky.johnson said:

This is a great activity for places like Texas where you don't get a chance to make real snowmen very often!

- Posted on Nov 4, 2007

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