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Homemade Pick-Up Sticks

ages 4-6


10 twigs, 10 paint colors

Activity Detail

Go on a nature hike with your child and find ten twigs of equal lengths (about 10-12 inches). Paint each stick a different color. After letting the paint dry, have one person hold all the sticks over floor and drop them. Take turns trying to remove sticks without moving any of the other sticks. Players can keep the sticks they pick-up without moving others.If any stick in the pile is moved, the player must stop trying to pick up the stick and the 2nd player gets a turn. The "winner" is the player who has the most sticks after all sticks in the pile have been picked up.


Kakki said:

This is a cute and easy variation of the classic pickup sticks game. My son enjoyed gathering, painting, then playing with the sticks and it made our hike more interesting by adding a purpose.

- Posted on Oct 30, 2007

novelline said:

I love that there are 2 components to this activity.

- Posted on Oct 30, 2007

cbejzak said:

This is a good activity since it includes painting AND a game.

- Posted on Oct 31, 2007

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