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Crafty Turkeys

ages 3-6


At least 5 different colors of construction paper; child scissors; tongue depressor or craft stick; glue, marker.

Activity Detail

This activity is a great way for children to practice holding scissors correctly. Using child-sized scissors, allow your child to cut a strip of construction paper. It works best if the strip is about 2 inches wide, but any size will work. Have him or her cut about 5 of these strips, all in different colors. Fan out the strips and help your child glue them to one end of a tongue depressor or craft stick -- they should be arranged in such a way to resemble feathers. Then, draw a turkey face on the top end of the craft stick, by the feathers. (Tip: Using scissors with scalloped edges adds a nice touch to the feathers.) These turkeys are a cute addition to your family's Thanksgiving table. Add a name along to bottom of each stick to turn them into place cards.


cbejzak said:

Great for practicing fine motor skills.

- Posted on Oct 28, 2007

Kakki said:

This is easy and fun. My daughter and I play shadow puppets with our finished turkeys. You can also personalize your turkeys by drawing on simple princess crowns, hairbows, or mustaches.

- Posted on Oct 30, 2007

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