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Halloween Pumpkin Party

ages 1-6


Pumpkins, carving tools, markers, paint, etc.

Activity Detail

Host a pumpkin-decorating party for the kids in your neighborhood. Buy small pumpkins (or have people bring their own) and provide carving tools, patterns, as well as paint, markers, stickers, etc. for kids to safely decorate with. The kids love getting all gooey together while cleaning out the pumpkins and often help clean the pumpkin seeds for cooking/eating. It's great fun and puts the kids in great spirits leading up to Halloween!


Amy said:

I love the idea of getting the kids involved in decorating the pumpkins with markers and stickers since the traditional carving needs to be done by an adult.

- Posted on Oct 7, 2007

margreg said:

Young children require a lot of "help" to carve pumpkins. Maybe just decorating would be best in a party setting.

- Posted on Oct 8, 2007

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