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A Huge Halloween Spider

ages 2-6


Empty milk jug, black tape, green or yellow tape, pipe insulation tubes (4 so that you can have 8 legs)

Activity Detail

Make this the center of your Halloween table: 1. Take an empty one-gallon milk jug. 2. Cover it round and round with black tape. 3. Take green or yellow tape and cut it into circles to make eyes for the spider. Make sure to have handle side of jug facing down when you create the face. 4. Take pipe insulation tubes and tape to jug. 5. Cut notches in tubes so that they can bend for true spidey legs. 6. Set spider on the table, and let the party begin.


Frisco said:

This seems more like a parent craft than an activity.

- Posted on Oct 6, 2007

margreg said:

I'm sure the resulting spider is a cool decoration, but it seems like an adult project. Difficult to get a child involved.

- Posted on Oct 8, 2007

Amy said:

Older children might enjoy helping wrap the tape around the milk jug. The resulting spider might not be quite as neat, but most kids won't mind and will be proud to have helped.

- Posted on Oct 12, 2007

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