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Fall Treasure Hunt

ages 2-5


Large bin, leaves, "treats" or "treasures"

Activity Detail

Fill up a big bin with leaves and hide some "treasures" in among the leaves -- candy or small toys, anything works! If there are multiple children, there could be a "race" to find the treasures among the leaves, or one child can have fun finding them all himself!


Amy said:

This sounds like a fun activity for both my 1 and 4 year old. We'll try it soon!

- Posted on Oct 4, 2007

Frisco said:

You could also ask your child to help you rake the leaves into piles, inticing them with the idea that when they are finished they can dig through the pile to find fabulours treasures!

- Posted on Oct 7, 2007

skippdebsamuel said:

I love "games" that help with chores!

- Posted on Oct 13, 2007

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