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Spider-Webbed Fun Foods

ages 3-6


A fun round food or dish, one piping bag (the type used for icing) with a small round tip, black beans or raisins or gummy bugs, plastic spider.

Activity Detail

I love to make this with the traditional seven-layer Mexican dip for parties, but you can do it on lots of other round food items like pizza, pancakes and quesadillas, just to name a few. I will give you an example based on the seven-layer dip, but feel free to experiment. Using your favorite recipe, make the seven-layer dip in a round baking dish and after the top layer of refried beans is on, pipe sour cream, using an icing bag, onto the top in the shape of a spider's web. I like to start at the center and draw about 5 lines out to the sides, creating a sort of star shape. Then connect those lines working in a pentagon shape, until you have a complete web. Once the web is drawn on, place a few black beans in various places on the web to look like bugs and then finish it off with a plastic spider on top. Kids love to help with this part! You can use raisins too, depending on the type of food you are serving.


maia_starling said:

Fun party dish!

- Posted on Oct 5, 2007

Amy said:

This sounds so cute. I can't wait to make it for my daughters' playgroup Halloween potluck!

- Posted on Oct 7, 2007

Leanne said:

Looks like a great activity!

- Posted on Oct 16, 2007

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