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Halloween Candy Store

ages 3-6


A few small toys and coupons for local outing.

Activity Detail

Don't want your kids to eat all that candy? Here is a great way to take some back. Purchase a few small toys you know your kids will like and think of a few places they have been begging you to take them. Then set up a store where you kids can shop and buy those things with candy currency. For example, a trip to the zoo may cost them 10 candy items from their stash, or a matchbox car may cost them 2 candy bars. I hate for my child to have gum, so I'll buy a bigger toy I know he wants and tell him it will cost him all the gum he has in his candy stash. The kids think it's fun to shop with candy, and everyone ends up happy. The kids get a few new things or a trip to the local play place, and you have the peace of mind that your next trip to the dentist won't be a disaster.


amyanddaniel said:

My husband and I can't wait to try this activity with our son. It allows our son the fun of trick or treating without all the cavities!

- Posted on Oct 4, 2007

Frisco said:

You could sort the candy before you "buy" it and leave your child one of each item.

- Posted on Oct 6, 2007

margreg said:

What a great way to cut down on their sugar intake! Also gets them to think about the value of different treats.

- Posted on Oct 8, 2007

Amy said:

I am going to try this year. In addition to keeping her from eating too much candy, I like how it will help my daughter work on her decision making skills as she chooses between several things she wants.

- Posted on Oct 12, 2007

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