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A Human Spider Web

ages 3-6


Yarn, large fake spider

Activity Detail

This is a Halloween party game that works well when the parents play with the children. The children sit in a large circle with one adult sitting next to each child. Take a large ball of yarn and have the child throw it across the circle to another child. The parent should hold on to the yarn before ball is thrown. Continue throwing the yarn back and forth until a large spider web is created. Place a large paper spider in the center and try to lift up the web without the spider falling off. The children love this gave and the parents enjoy being involved, too.


julieraces said:

A great game! For an alternative, let each child make their own spider beforehand, using styrofoam balls and pipecleaners. Then, after the web is created, each child can place their own spider into the web.

- Posted on Sep 30, 2007

Frisco said:

This is a great activity for a preschool Halloween party. Parents are normally there taking pictures and would be eager to participate!

- Posted on Sep 30, 2007

maia_starling said:

Really cute fun game!

- Posted on Oct 1, 2007

margreg said:

A great game for a Halloween party with little ones!

- Posted on Oct 1, 2007

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