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Halloween Twister

ages 3-6


Old white sheet, paint, index cards

Activity Detail

Take an old white sheet and paint rows of witch hats, pumpkins, ghosts and black cats. Be sure to mix them up. Then make flashcards -- four for each symbol (e.g. right hand pumpkin, left hand pumpkin, right foot pumpkin, left foot pumpkin). Then have the "Twister Master" shuffle the cards and put them in a stack. The "Twister Master" then calls the game by pulling cards from the top of the stack and calling out the directions. The kids love this game, and its something you can use year after year. (It's great for teaching left and right too.)


julieraces said:

Really fun, especially when Mom or Dad let the child be the caller.

- Posted on Sep 30, 2007

kris said:

What a great idea! Sounds like lots of fun...especially for older children. This would be a great activity for a Halloween Party!

- Posted on Sep 30, 2007

jennifersweckard said:

I love the idea of having a game that is played only at a certain time each year. It gives the little ones even more to look forward to!

- Posted on Sep 30, 2007

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