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Ghostly Garland

ages 2-5


Scrap pieces of tissue paper or newspaper, more tissue paper or facial tissue, string or ribbon, black marker

Activity Detail

This Halloween craft is also great way to recycle! Gather some used tissue paper or newspaper. Cut or tear the paper into pieces that are about 1' x 1' (if using newspaper, make the squares a little smaller). Have your child wad the paper up tightly into balls. Take a full piece of tissue paper or facial tissue and wrap it around the paper ball to create a ghost. Tie the tissue in place under the ball with string or white ribbon to create the "neck." Have your child add eyes and a mouth with a black marker. Secure the ghosts onto a long piece of string or ribbon to create a garland. Let your child pick a place to display the garland. You can also make larger and smaller ghosts to represent members of your family -- those still with you and those who have passed into the great beyond!


julieraces said:

This is a classic!

- Posted on Sep 30, 2007

skippdebsamuel said:

I love that this is done with stuff I already have around the house.

- Posted on Sep 30, 2007

becky.johnson said:

I love the idea of making a ghost garland that represents our family!

- Posted on Sep 30, 2007

Frisco said:

What a great way to decorate the doorways for a Halloween party.

- Posted on Sep 30, 2007

beancuso said:

Be sure you find a way to secure the ghosts' heads to the garland by using fishing line that you acually thread through the crumpled paper. We hung a ghost last year from a string tied to the "neck" and he was too droopy!

- Posted on Oct 1, 2007

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