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Yarn letters

ages 3-6


Yarn, liqid starch( or watered-down white glue), construction paper with letters of the alphabet written on them.

Activity Detail

Write the letters of the alphabet -- or the letters of your child's name, for a shorter activity -- on individual pieces of construction paper. Then, help your child dip a piece of yarn into a bowl of liquid starch. Your child can then place yarn on top of the letter on the construction paper. Once the letters dry, your child can practice tracing the letters with his or her fingers as a fun, tactile way to teach letter recognition, or you can hang them up in your child's room as an art project.


jennifersweckard said:

The kids will love the "messiness" of the liquid starch, all the while learning their alphabet! Use this idea for numbers too.

- Posted on May 23, 2008

Brookyn said:

This activity sounds like it has a lot of potential. But since I'm not really a "crafts person," I had no idea what "liquid starch" is. It would be helpful to describe what it is and where it could be purchased for those of us who are unfamiliar with it.

- Posted on Aug 4, 2008

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