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Shopping List

ages 2-6


Old newspapers and circulars, paper, glue stick, markers or pens

Activity Detail

Little ones always seem to be interested in going to the grocery store and being in charge of the shopping list. But since most kids under the age of 5 can't read, you can create a special shopping list just for them. With your child, take old newspapers and circulars and look for pictures of the items you need. Help your child to cut out the pictures and glue them on to a piece of paper. For older kids, you can help them write the names of the items next to the pictures as well. Now you will have a list that both parent and child can 'read.'


amyanddaniel said:

This activity is a great way to get my son involved in the shopping experience in a positive way. It will keep him focused and out of trouble!

- Posted on Jun 25, 2007

Mya said:

My local grocery store has kids sized carts, so my son loved shopping for his list of groceries.

- Posted on Jun 25, 2007

margreg said:

We focused our list on the essential items that we purchase every time so we can reuse the list.

- Posted on Aug 28, 2007

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