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What's Missing?

ages 2-6


Cookie sheet, 5 or 6 small objects, such as a spoon, brush, book, toy, sock, or crayon.

Activity Detail

On a cookie sheet, place 5 or 6 small objects, such as a spoon, brush, book, toy, sock, or crayon. Allow your child to look at all the items on the cookie sheet. Have your child turn around, so you can remove one of the objects from the tray and hide it out of sight. Your child will try to guess which item is missing. You can add more objects to the tray for older children.


amyanddaniel said:

This activity is a fun way to develop thinking skills.

- Posted on Jun 5, 2007

Amy said:

My 3 year old daughter loves playing this. You can play it anywhere without the cookie sheet. We've played it in a restaurant while waiting for our food to arrive using items from the diaper bag, such as a keys, credit card, quarter, comb, and sunscreen. She also loves to be the one to remove an item and have me guess what is missing.

- Posted on Jun 5, 2007

Andrea said:

This is a great game to encourage young children to develop your child's memorization skills.

- Posted on Jun 9, 2007

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