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Matching Grab Bags

ages 3-6


Two each of several small objects (buttons, loose change, beans, paper clips, etc), 2 lunch bags

Activity Detail

This game is great fun for both preschoolers and school-age kids, and helps develop fine motor skills. Gather up various small objects -- you'll need 2 of each item (one for you and one for your child). Examples of items that you can use: buttons, pennies (and other change), beans, cotton balls, Lego pieces, paper clips, etc. Divide the items into 2 paper lunch sacks so that each bag has the same items. Now, give one bag to your child, and instruct him or her not to look inside! Pull something out of your bag, show it to your child, and challenge her to find the matching object by feeling around inside her bag (remember, no peeking!). Let her 'test' you too! This is also fun to play with older kids in a group -- you pick something out of your bag, then let them see who can find the matching object the fastest.


beancuso said:

This is one of those great, open-ended activities that allows children to take off with their own ideas. Make the game even more educational and rich by describing and asking your child to describe the object. Is it large or small, smooth, rough, bumpy, circular or square, squishy? This is a wonderful way to increase vocabulary and encourage descriptive oral language.

- Posted on Jul 1, 2007

Frisco said:

For younger children, you might try different sized bags, as well. Talk about spatial reasoning, i.e. why choose a paper bag for a tennis ball and a shopping bag for a basketball.

- Posted on Jul 29, 2007

cbejzak said:

I like that children are practicing fine motor skills!

- Posted on Aug 28, 2007

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