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What's in the Sock?

ages 2-6


Tube sock and small objects for the children to touch

Activity Detail

Place a small object inside a large tube sock. then, have your child will stick his or her hand inside the sock, feel the object, and try to guess what it is. This activity helps children focus on their sense of touch. Select items such as a Q-tip, rock, penny, or button.


jlpasqual said:

You could also try to have him guess different foods using his senses…smell, taste, feel, etc.

- Posted on Jun 11, 2007

Ramya said:

Other Savvy parents recommend playing this game while grocery shopping. Take a plastic grocery bag or plastic produce bag and put a few things inside it (for example an apple and a banana). Have your child close his or her eyes and pull an item out. See if he or she can guess what it is just by feeling it.

- Posted on Jun 15, 2007

Jennifer said:

If you wanted to turn this into an outdoor activity you could take your sack outside and pick something up either from the ground or from a tree or bush, while your cild isn't looking. you could also have two sacks and have two children try to guess at the same time.

- Posted on Jun 24, 2007

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