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Sink Soak

ages 2-4


Sink, water and plastic objects

Activity Detail

This will keep your little ones busy for a long time. Fill the kitchen sink or bathroom sink with some water. Then give your kids measuring cups, spoons, plastic bowls, etc. and they will have a splashing good time. You may want to put them in short-sleeve t-shirts so they don't get too wet and make sure they are standing on a sturdy stool.


Jennifer said:

You could also add solid elements to the water such as rice or dried beans, and a strainer of funnel would make it fun, too.

- Posted on Jun 24, 2007

annabell said:

Sounds like a great idea!

- Posted on Jul 1, 2007

kris said:

I'd recommend doing this activity outdoors if at all possible -- it gets messy! Just use a storage bin or igloo cooler. Add food coloring to the water (a few drops goes a long way)! Like all water activities...Please SUPERVISE your children at ALL TIMES! Standing water is a hazard to young children, so don't walk a way for even a minute!

- Posted on Jul 31, 2007

Nicole said:

My DD calls this "playing with the scoops" because she loves to scoop the water from one container to another. Have lots of towels on hand though - sometimes she thinks it's fun to scoop the water onto the floor!

- Posted on Oct 26, 2010

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