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ages 4-6


Unwrapped crayons, wax paper, old iron, wooden cutting board, scissors, hole punch, ribbon

Activity Detail

Take unwrapped crayons and (this is a good way to use up all those old and broken crayons) and break them into small pieces. Then tear off two sheets of wax paper of equal length, and put the crayon pieces in between the sheets. Carefully place the wax paper and crayons onto an old wooden cutting board. Using an old iron, melt the crayons by running the iron over the two sheets of wax paper, keeping the iron moving until the crayons have completely melted. Let the mosaics cool completely. Once cooled, you can cut them into shapes or punch holes in the tops of them and hang them. Let your imagination lead you!


beancuso said:

I remember doing this activity with my mom when I was a kid! My brothers were occupied for hours as we got to unwrap the crayons and then sharpen them with an old pencil sharpener to create ribbons of crayon shavings. We shaved the crayons onto different small paper plates to keep the colors separate. Instead of a mosaic effect, it was more like stained glass when we sprinkled the different colors on the wax paper.

- Posted on Jul 1, 2007

Frisco said:

If you make the cut-outs thick enough, kids can actually color with them. Ask them to guess all the colors in the mosaic.

- Posted on Aug 30, 2007

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