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Animal Inventory

ages 3-6


Camera to take pictures; paper, markers, stapler, glue to create book; print pictures on computer or take them to your local photo shop.

Activity Detail

My daughter loves animals, and I thought this would be a fun way for her to combine her love of animals with learning about our part of the world. We took a camera and walked around our neighborhood, taking pictures of all the animals that we saw. We then printed them up, glued them to pieces of paper, and stapled the paper together to create a book. My daughter then helped me to write the name, date, and location of all the animals. My daughter has a kid-friendly camera, so she was able to take all the pictures herself. A disposable camera would work well, as would a Polaroid. Or mom or dad can take the pictures, as the grown-up helper. What would be really fun is to do this once a year to see how our animal environment is changing. Some alternate versions -- Go to the lake or park or beach and take pictures of the animals or plants. You could even create a map and mark the places on the map where the animals were found. For younger kids, take pictures of the animals in your house, even stuffed ones.


novelline said:

Sounds like a fun adventure to get everyone out of the house and talking about animals.

- Posted on Jun 25, 2007

amyfauss said:

I think this is a great idea! It would also be fun to take pictures of animals when your on vacations, and talk about how different animals live in different kinds of environments (hot vs. cold climates, etc.)

- Posted on Jul 19, 2007

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