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Backyard Boogie

ages 1-6


Outdoor space, portable CD or tape player, music, item (blanket, rug, toy) for center of dance area.

Activity Detail

Take your music and dancing outside for a change! With an extension cord or an outside outlet, you can play your kids favorite music or some of your old favories (we've played Abba, Billy Joel and the Eagles) and have a backyard dance party. I have found that it helps to place an object - a small blanket, ball or riding toy in the center of the dance area to organize my girls' movements. Turn on the music and let it inspire your movement. Maybe it is slow and gliding, maybe quick and wiggly. Build your kids vocabulary by naming your movements, observe what your kids are doing and imitate them. In between tracks, freeze and listen to what comes next. Talk about the pace of the music or what instruments you hear. You can circle left and right around the blanket or join hands in a circle and move in and out. You'll be surprised at how much fun it is for you and your little ones!


tiffanywilk said:

Children will love to have a "party" in their own backyard. Most children love music and love to dance around- so this sounds like a blast to me!

- Posted on Jul 30, 2007

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