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Paper Plate Masks

ages 2-6


Small white paper plate -- (the flimsy kind, not Chinet) , scissors, string or yarn, hole punch, construction paper, paint, markers and/or crayons

Activity Detail

Use a small white paper plate as the base for a child's mask. Cut two holes about where the child's eyes will be, then punch one hole on either side of the paper plate and tie a piece of string or yarn through each hole. This will be what you use to tie the mask on the child's face. Once that's done, you can turn the plate over so you're working on the back side and decorate however you and your child wish. You can make a lion mask by painting the back of the plate yellow and gluing strips of yellow construction paper around the edges of the mask for a mane. You can make a bear mask by painting the plate brown and attaching two small brown circles of construction paper to the top of the mask for ears. Or you can let your younger child color as he or she wishes to create a fun abstract mask, a la mini-Picasso!


amyanddaniel said:

I plan to use this activity along with books that we can act out.

- Posted on Jun 5, 2007

Amy said:

A variation on this is to glue or tape on a tongue depresser or popsicle stick to the back of the plate to make a handle for the child to hold the mask in front of his face instead of using the yarn to make a tie.

- Posted on Jun 5, 2007

Andrea said:

What a way to combine kids' love of art and dress-up!

- Posted on Jun 9, 2007

jennifersweckard said:

A mask could be decorated for each holiday, making a whole collection. A nice keepsake for mom!

- Posted on Jul 18, 2007

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