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Pirate Treasure Map

ages 4-6


Sheet of thick construction paper, bowl of warm water, instant coffee granules, paper towels, felt tipped pens

Activity Detail

This activity is a ton of fun -- both indoors and out! Begin by tearing the edges of the construction paper to give it rough edges. Then, crumple the paper into a ball so that it is creased. Flatten the paper, and dip it in warm water. Put the wet paper on draining board or across a strainer and sprinkle a spoonful of coffee granules over it. Leave for a few minutes. Dab the stains with paper towels, then dip the paper in a bowl of warm water. Repeat staining on other side, and leave it to dry. Here's the fun part: Draw a treasure map on the "aged' paper. Be sure to add dangerous areas with a skull and crossbones and mark the hidden treasure with a big X. Older kids who love art project may want to create the treasure map themselves. Other kids may enjoy having you create a treasure map that they can follow to a treasure that you've hidden at the end. Use your imagination to have a fun afternoon game!


Becky said:

What a fun project! I really like the idea of using the coffee to color the paper. I think the cost would probably be less than $10, especially if you already have any of these items in your home.

- Posted on Jun 30, 2007

kjeffrey1 said:

This is a classic, great activity! Older siblings will love to create maps for their younger family members too.

- Posted on Jun 30, 2007

kris said:

What a great idea! Fun for everyone!

- Posted on Aug 31, 2007

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