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You're Getting Hotter!

ages 3-6

Activity Detail

Find an object that you want to hide. An object that is small, but not too small, will work best -- something such as a small stuffed animal or figurine. Hide the figurine somewhere in a room and take turns with your child being the 'finder' and the 'hider.' If you are the one who hid the object, explain to your child that he needs to search for the object in the room, but if he is moving farther away from it, you will tell him that he is getting 'cold' and if he moves closer to the object that he is getting 'hot'. If he is really far away, make sure to tell him that he is 'getting so much colder' or that he is 'freezing' and as he gets closer and closer to finding the object tell him how he is 'getting hotter' or he is 'burning up,' until he eventually finds the object. Your child will be so proud of himself for following directions and finding the toy. This activity is also a good way to teach prepositions -- over the couch, behind the pillow, through the door, etc.


amyanddaniel said:

This activity is a great way to develop language skills in children.

- Posted on Jun 5, 2007

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