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The Wheels on The Stroller Go...

ages 0-4


Stroller, kids, enough air in your lungs to sing.

Activity Detail

We all know the old "Wheels on the Bus." Next time you go for a walk, try singing "Wheels on the Stroller." Some sample lyrics: The visor on the stroller goes up and down. The girls in the stroller go whee, whee, whee (or wah wah wah, depending on the day. The doggie by the stroller goes bark, bark, bark. The mommy pushing the stroller goes huff and puff. The people on the street say 'Look how cute!' all through the town! Younger children will build their vocabulary by listening to you name the different things you see; older children can help by offering suggestions for lyrics.



Yael said:

Along similar lines for really diehard fans of the song, it could be modified to be incorporated into riding a tricycle or big wheel as well.

- Posted on Jun 27, 2007

kris said:

This is a cute activity to do when you just need something to distract your child in the stroller...hopefully, they'll be happy to join in the fun.

- Posted on Aug 31, 2007

mksuresh said:


- Posted on Apr 20, 2009

Germanmom said:

I will have to remember this song to add to the "This is the way we..." song if my 8 month old is bored I can usually change the words to fit any situation waiting at the bank, grocery shopping it even works in the car, she listens intently and usually breaks out in giggles and at the same time she is learning about her enviroment.

- Posted on May 31, 2009

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