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Finger Painting with Pudding

ages 1-4


Instant pudding, food coloring, small containers for pudding, long sheet of bulletin board paper or heavy craft paper, soap and water.

Activity Detail

Prepare pudding and tape paper to a table. Feel free to add food coloring to make a more colorful 'paint.' Give each child his or her own container of pudding, then let them use their fingers to paint on the paper. In addition to creating a pudding masterpiece, you can also teach your children about the five senses by talking about how the pudding feels between their fingers, about the taste, and about the smell.


Andrea said:

Eating and painting - who could resist?

- Posted on Jun 7, 2007

Ramya said:

Other Savvy parents recommend using this activity to help children practice writing.

- Posted on Jun 15, 2007

kris said:

If you are looking for an inexpensive activity to develop your little one's "inner artist", then this activity is for you. It's quite a bit messy...so I'd do it outdoors if at all possible. Being able to hose off the patio is much easier than wiping down kitchen floors/cabinets/walls/etc.

- Posted on Jun 27, 2007

Crystal said:

I didn't have bulletin board paper but I did have some wrapping paper that was wrinkled. I just flipped that over and taped it down on the table. I used vanilla pudding and didn't put any food coloring in it so it was kinda hard for the kids to see. Next time, I will add food coloring. Thanks for this fun activity!

- Posted on Sep 4, 2009

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