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Post-It Games

ages 4-6


Pad of post-its, pen

Activity Detail

Keep a pad of post-its with you when you go out. When you need to pass a little time, take out ten, and you or your child can write Xs on half and Os on half. You can then have an impromptu game of tic-tac-toe on any table or wall that is nearby. With an older child, you could also write a series of letters (e.g. A, T, C, M, R, H) and see how many words your child can make from them.


beancuso said:

Another fun Post-it activity for older kids (4-5 years) is creating a pattern. You could create an XOXOXO pattern, then rearrange for an XXOOXXOO pattern and see if your child can extend the pattern and tell what comes next. You could add in another letter to make things even more interesting XOTXOT or XXOOTXXOOT. It can be as challenging as your child wants to make it. This can also be done with shapes, numbers and different colored Post-its to add flexibility to your child's mathematical thinking.

- Posted on Jul 1, 2007

margreg said:

Without the tic-tac-toe board, it's not easy to organize.

- Posted on Aug 14, 2007

c250191 said:

GREAT idea!!!

- Posted on Oct 17, 2008

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