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Photograph Memory Game

ages 3-6


Double prints of family photographs

Activity Detail

A good way to get kids to remember faces and names of relatives is to take pictures of family members. When the film is developed ask for double prints. Use these photos to play the game of memory. Put all pictures face-down, and have your children turn pictures over two at a time, trying to make a pair. As they turn over the pictures, name the people in the photos. The game is over when all photos are paired, and the person with the most pairs 'wins'!


amyanddaniel said:

By using just a few pictures, my two year old could play. I can add more pictures to make it challenging for my five year old. This game would also be fun to play at the beginning of the school year, with pictures of the new classmates.

- Posted on Jun 25, 2007

Leanne said:

There is another activity similar to this. Good idea.

- Posted on Jun 29, 2007

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