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Postcard game #2

ages 2-6


4x6" index cards, crayons & other art supplies, stamps

Activity Detail

Does your preschooler enjoy opening your mailbox, grabbing the contents, and shouting 'my mail'? Give her a reason for her glee, other than your daily delivery of bills and catalogs. Keep a stack of 4x6 index cards at hand, and, every few days, ask your little one to decorate one for a special relative or friend. Then show her how to sign the 'postcard,' address, put a stamp on, and mail it. Enlist the lucky recipients of these cards to return the favor, and send your child her very own mail.


Becky said:

This is a great idea and is simple and straightforward. It offers the opportunity for creativity as well as learning about how to use the postal system (for older children.) You could even plan this activity around a trip to the post office. It makes your child feel special to get his/her own mail!

- Posted on Jun 29, 2007

margreg said:

Very fun way to send/receive mail. My son loves putting his decorated postcards in the mailbox.

- Posted on Jul 30, 2007

may.olson said:

Great quick idea for lots of excitement!

- Posted on Aug 30, 2007

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