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Kitchen Fork Chimes

ages 4-6


Beads, a mixture of forks, spoons, fishing string, drill, and a wire hanger.

Activity Detail

Make a wind chime using your old forks and spoons. Begin by drilling a small hole into the end of a few old forks and spoons, then thread fishing line through the hold and tie off the end. Then, give your child a bowl of beads to string onto the fishing wire, decorating the wind chimes. Once your child has finished stringing the beads onto each of the chimes, tie the loose end of the fishing wire to a wire hanger, which you can hang outside. The next time the wind blows, your child will get a thrill from hearing his or her creation making music.


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Drilling through silverware isn't my idea of a kids' activity!

- Posted on Jul 31, 2007

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