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Around-the-House ABCs

ages 3-5


A marker and post-it notes, or laminated cut-out letters and tape

Activity Detail

Label different items in your house with the letter that the word begins with. For example, a cabinet would be labeled with a C. This activity is great for children who have built their vocabulary and are ready to begin working on pre-reading skills. This activity helps them to begin to associate letter sounds with the letters themselves. This activity can be as basic or as fancy as you wish -- you can use post-it notes or laminated cut-out letters. The only thing that matters is that your child is learning!


kookykitsch said:

It could become very time consuming and messy if you were to spend time labeling every item around the home

- Posted on Jun 22, 2007

Amy said:

My almost 4 year old daughter and I did this activity together. She was able to come up the first letter for most of the things we labeled and even wrote a few of the letters herself. When she is a little older, I plan to label items with the whole word ("wall", "door", etc.) to help with pre-reading skills.

- Posted on Aug 9, 2007

Frisco said:

We also introduced Spanish words in the same way. On the table, we wrote a sign with the word "mesa", etc.

- Posted on Sep 3, 2007

shanelle said:

I love this idea! I will add to it and make ASL (American Sign Language) pictures on the back of the cards for my son. If you do a little everyday and laminate it. It should last for a while. KEep a copy of the project on the computer if you ever need to print out more :)

- Posted on Feb 2, 2010

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