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Pretend Grocery Store

ages 2-6


Food from your kitchen, something to use as a grocery basket (picnic basket, laundry basket, wagon), money -- either real or pretend

Activity Detail

Set up a room in your house like a grocery store. Put some of your kids' favorite foods on tables and other low pieces of furniture -- these will make the aisles of the grocery store. Then give your kids something to use as a basket. My youngest uses his little push walker with a small basket in the back. My oldest has a picnic basket. Then give the kids some money -- real or pretend -- to use to 'buy' their food. Not only is this activity fun, but you can use it to teach young children colors, shapes, counting, and food names. Older children can learn about making a recipe, finding food from all the food groups, and addition and subtraction. And, who knows, the next trip to the grocery store might be a little more fun for them!


skippdebsamuel said:

My kids love doing this! We also used empty boxes as well.

- Posted on Jun 15, 2007

leightx said:

You and your kids can even create "coupons" for free items (or 2 for 1, etc.) in the store.

- Posted on Jun 24, 2007

amyfauss said:

This is something I will definitely try with my daughter. I like the idea of using this activity as a time to learn about the basic food groups, and how to select nutritious foods to eat.

- Posted on Jul 19, 2007

jennifersweckard said:

So many things can be learned from this game. Another idea would be to have the child identify which foods would be healthy choices and which are treats for special occasions.

- Posted on Aug 20, 2007

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