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Bookmarking Basics

ages 4-6


Foam shapes, glue, markers, ribbon

Activity Detail

You can make really cute animal bookmarks by using foam shapes for animals found at a craft store or you can cut the shapes out yourself from larger pieces of foam. Begin with a small animal shape or animal face, and allow your child to decorate it with smaller pieces of foam, markers, and googly eyes. Glue a book-sized piece of ribbon to the back of the foam shape. This will be what holds the place in the book. Then, glue another foam shape to the bottom of the piece of ribbon -- a heart or star is very cute here. These bookmarks are great party crafts or gifts.


Ramya said:

Other Savvy parents recommend making animal bookmarks out of pieces of construction paper glued to a cardboard bookmark. Your child can help cut out different pieces of construction paper to create the animal, glue them onto the cardboard bookmark, and then decorate with markers, ribbon, and stickers. It's cute to have the animal's face sticking up a half-inch over the top of the bookmark. You could then add string or yarn for the animal's hair.

- Posted on Jun 15, 2007

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