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Sidewalk Shape Game

ages 2-6


Sidewalk chalk

Activity Detail

Draw shapes on the sidewalk with chalk (do 2 or 3 of each shape if you have multiple children). Then make a game out of finding the shapes. For younger kids, you can just ask 'can you find the triangle' and have them go stand on it. For older kids, you can make it more of a race -- 'Can you find the square' and then everyone runs to stand on a square. A variation is to draw different colored shapes and have them find a specific colored shape 'find the pink rectangle'. There are many different ways that you can modify this activity so that it is always a challenge to your child.


julieraces said:

This activity was fun for an almost 2-year old, and a 5-year-old to do together, but obviously, there were different instructions for each child. A good variation is to draw "off limits" shapes or symbols on the street, and put the "game" shapes on the sidewalk & driveway, to enforce a child's learning about NOT playing in the road.

- Posted on Jun 22, 2007

tiffanywilk said:

I have played this with my children and it is a BIG hit on our street!

- Posted on Jun 28, 2007

margreg said:

Fun way to learn shapes, colors, etc.

- Posted on Jul 30, 2007

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