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Letter of the Week

ages 2-3


Letter flash cards, letter magnets, crayons, paper

Activity Detail

A fun way to learn the alphabet is to focus on learning one new letter each week. You can use letter flash cards and letter magnets to reinforce the shape of the letter, and print a page that relates to the letter from the internet for your child to color each day. There are many sites available; it is easy to find seven different pictures for the letter you are working on (apple, alligator, etc.). And each day after your child colors he picture, he or she can put the picture on the refrigerator. A couple of times a day, point to the magnet or picture and ask your child what the letter is. If your child is correct, you can give your child a small reward, like one gummy bear or a star on a chart.


tiffanywilk said:

Teaching children their letters at an early age is GREAT and this will help them so much and get them to even start reading at a younger age!

- Posted on Jun 28, 2007

Frisco said:

To add to this activity you might have children point signs or labels that begin with that letter. A fun attention keeper while standing in line.

- Posted on Jul 29, 2007

amyfauss said:

We used letter magnets to teach our daughter how to spell her name. There are some cute ones at stores like Learning Express, or you could make your own. She now recognizes her name when she sees it printed, and can organize the letters to correctly spell her name.

- Posted on Aug 31, 2007

ashleyoneill said:

During the course of the week, you can also make a game out of finding that letter as you're out running errands -- billboards, grocery aisles, store signs are all good places to hunt for letters.

- Posted on Mar 11, 2008

supermom2009 said:

I find it works great to pair something the child is really interested in for them to remember the letter. For example B for Buzz lightyear. Or I for Isaac, his name. Its much more fun for them if they think its important.

- Posted on Jan 6, 2009

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